About "Werewolf"

Werewolf is a role-playing game for groups of people, each player is given the role of Villager, Werewolf or Seer, the aim of the game is to still be alive when the game ends.

There are day turns and night turns - During the day the villagers get to lynch someone they think is a werewolf, during the night, the werewolves kill a villager.

Whilst this seems simple, it is extremely compelling, as the werewolves are trying to get villagers to kill themselves by subversion.

There are also other player cards that can be introduced in larger groups - The Seer, The Lovers, The Little Girl and The Witch/Healer.

The larger the group the more fun can be had, so tell your friends and colleagues! The meet will be held in a pub, so it's a good excuse for going out for drinks too!

Other names the game Werewolf is known by :

  • The Werewolves of Millers Hollow
  • Wherewolf
  • Lupus in Tabula
  • Are you a werewolf?
  • Mafia and other themed versions
  • Multiwolves

The Thing :

Thing is a very similar game to werewolf that scales down to fewer players so is more suited to smaller groups. In months where we are reduced to less players than is sensible to play werewolf, we will play the thing.

If all else fails, cards, fluxx decks, zombie dice and other games are available, so there will always be something to play over drinks even if we get to an extremely elite number.